Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm thrilled to announce the debut release on my new reissue-only, vinyl-only record label. I couldn't be happier with how this CIA 12" came out and I think you'll love the results too. I feel very proud of reissuing one of my all-time favorite hardcore singles as an LP with a slew of great unreleased material.

Many devoted aficionados would enthusiastically maintain that CIA’s “God Guns Guts” 7” EP is simply one of the best US hardcore singles to ever be released when considering the history of the genre's output. Originally self-issued in 1983 in a limited edition of 500 copies, the six songs on the original 7” are absolute flawless blasts of well-executed, driving, intelligent, and furious hardcore. The 6 tracks are simultaneously reckless while maintaining a tightly wound delivery. The word "timeless" is often overused when it comes to describing hardcore records released in the days of yore, but the "God Guns Guts" 7" EP has undoubtably stood time's test. This record sounds as fresh today as the day it was recorded.

What could be better than this?

A deluxe vinyl-only reissue that adds 5 original 7” EP session outtakes that have never been heard until now along with several other previously unreleased essential demos recorded just before the "Gods Guns Guts" 7” EP came out. Hence the "more" in this reissue's title; a great deal has been added to the original EP on this LP that truly makes it deluxe. This all comes housed in a high-quality package featuring a swanky UV laminated sleeve and a classy printed inner sleeve that features liner notes and photos of the band that have never been seen before on any release.

Please use this Paypal link to purchase the record. You will simply need to select where you want the record sent and follow the instructions. All orders will be sent the same day.
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  1. Just finished my first listen and it is truly wonderful! Very nice job with the packaging as well. Very classy indeed. Makes me very pleased to see the care that went into this. I'm hooked.
    Chris Shary

  2. Hey, Chris! Just received the record today. It sounds great!
    Man, if I'm allowed to suggest some future investment, that'd be a reissue of New Jersey's the Worst (Mutha records) EPs. I have the CD that Parts Unknown released a couple of years ago, and that one's great (I would've done without the inclusion of the unreleased LP sung by the guitarist, though), but fully deserves a vinyl release.
    I'm sure that would be nearly as successful as the CIA reissue.


  3. Just got this...

    Excellent product!!!!!

    From the glossy cover to the sharp mastering and
    impressive inner sleeve to the tornado hardcore
    punk power within..


  4. Thanks for the kind words, guys. I appreciate your support with this release.

    The CD on Parts Unknown compiles all of their released & unreleased material. I'd imagine that Fat Rich would have pushed for a wax release on that as that's something he's very into. I bet for some reason or another this was not possible.

    On a related note, there will be an official Chronic Sick reissue coming in late 2010 or sometime in 2011 from my friend at No Way Records.

  5. I think that a vinyl issue of THE WORST should be made for their demo called "THE DRUG TAPES" from 1981. This one is not featured on the PARTS UNKNOWN CD.

  6. really, really good job. thanks!

  7. Hello from France
    I've just found the record in my box today.
    It looks great, it sounds great. You've done a great job! Thank you!

    ROCK & ROLL !!!

  8. Yeah!Got the record in the post today! Fast delivery-fast music = fuckin´great!!!//Rolf from Sweden