Wednesday, December 9, 2009


If you're going to be in New York area this upcoming Monday night December 14th, I will be spinning classic hardcore records at the Charleston on Bedford & North 7th in Brooklyn. Mark Ryan (of Supertouch), Anthony Pappalardo (author of Radio Silence), David Castillo (Chronic Youth) and Andy Pry will also be spinning records. Walter Schreifels (of Gorilla Biscuits) Band, Birds of Prey, and Give will be performing live. It promises to be a fun evening and you should come out and say hello.

All the DJ action is upstairs and free. The show will be in the basement of the Charleston and costs $8. The first 50 people who pay to get into the show get a limited t-shirt. There will be free Jameson until it runs out. Also, if this isn't tempting enough for you, if you buy any drink at the Charleston you get a free mini pizza.

For those unfamiliar with the Radio Silence book, it's simply a tour de force of hardcore artifacts that you should own. Authors Anthony Pappalardo and Nathan Nedorostek tirelessly rummaged through the collections of such hardcore luminaries as Jeff Nelson, Pat Dubar, Cynthia Connolly, Dave Smalley, Gavin Ogelsby, Walter Schreifels, and many others to produce a comprehensive collection of unseen images, original artwork, rare records, t-shirts, and other great artifacts.

More information about Radio Silence can be found on the official blog for the book: