Friday, January 1, 2010


WNYU-FM's "Noise The Show" is simply one of my favorite classic hardcore radio shows to listen to. I think of the episodes as excellent mix tapes made in real time with funny commentary by host Tim Sommer interspersed between the tracks. It's no wonder why the broadcasts that I've already posted have been the source of great interest from people that follow this blog.

I have great news for those who want to hear more episodes of "Noise The Show". A follower of this blog has contacted me and wants to donate his tapes so that they can be archived here. He taped a majority of the shows when they originally aired and had the foresight to chronicle each tape with the original air date. This is a great improvement over the episodes that I currently have because they have little to no information on when they were originally aired.

One by one, I will digitize each one of these tapes so that they can be available for followers of this blog:

#18 - October 28, 1981 (Halloween show; complete)
#19 - November 4, 1981 (partial)
#21 - November 18, 1981 (complete)
#24 - December 9, 1981 (Misfits interview show; partial)
#25 - December 16, 1981 (complete)
#27 - December 30, 1981 (complete)
#28 - January 6, 1982 (complete)
#31 - January 27, 1982 (complete)
#32 - February 3, 1982 (complete)
#33 - February 10, 1982 (complete)
#34 - February 17, 1982 (complete)
#35 - February 24, 1982 (partial)
#36 - March 3, 1982 (partial)
#37 - March 10, 1982 (complete)
#38 - March 17, 1982 (complete)
#40 - March 31, 1982 (partial)
#41 - April 7, 1982 (complete)
#42 - April 14, 1982 (complete)
#43 - April 21, 1982 (complete)
#44 - April 28, 1982 (Kraut interview show; complete)
#45 - May 5, 1982 (partial)
#47 - May 19, 1982 ("short songs" show; complete)
#48 - May 26, 1982 (complete)
#49 - June 2, 1982 (complete)
#50 - June 9, 1982 (complete)
#51 - June 14, 1982 (complete)
#52 - June 21, 1982 (complete)
#53 - June 28. 1982 (60-minute final show aka "Tim's Favorite Punk Songs" with Nihilistics interview; complete)

Monday, December 28, 2009


This is certainly not the cleanest Minor Threat live recording in trading circulation. This recording is audience sourced and the sound quality is considerably distorted. The recording is guitar heavy and it can be safely assumed the taper wear right near the guitar rig. Because this site is motivated to archive all known live recordings by influential bands such as Minor Threat, this show is available here for both listening pleasure and for historical purposes.

The biggest draw to this otherwise tough listen is that this recording features an unreleased song entitled "You Betrayed Me By Growing Up". This track has not been released in any form probably due to the fact that it was never officially recorded. It's unfortunate this wasn't cut at Inner Ear because it seems to be a song with considerable promise even though it's likely this is a working version. Faith, Iron Cross, and DOA also played this show.

I've seen this listed as a video on trade lists over the years but never obtained a copy. If anyone has this or any information on a video recording in circulation, please send me an email.

Track list:

1. Look Back and Laugh (instrumental)
2. You Betrayed Me By Growing Up (unreleased song)
3. Seeing Red
4. Little Friend
5. Straight Edge
6. No Reason
7. Out Of Step
8. It Follows
9. Asshole Dub
10. Steppin' Stone
11. Filler
12. Bottled Violence
13. Minor Threat
14. Sob Story
15. 12XU


The Wards were the earliest punk band to hail from the state of Vermont, the plentiful land of maple syrup. The Wards released two extraordinarily underrated 7” EPs: “The World Ain’t Pretty and Neither Are We” in 1983 and “Don't Make U.S. Shoot the Pershing II” in 1984. Many of the songs on the debut 7” EP were written as early as 1979 but were recorded and self-released later due to financial limitations and trouble with finding a label that would release their material.

The “Ripped Off In Boston” cassette was the band’s final release following the first two vinyl releases and a subsequent demo recording that was circulated. “Ripped Off In Boston” was christened when the Wards had their van burglarized when it was parked in Kenmore Square. The original cover art of this cassette depicts a gigantic ogre grasping their van in his burly clutches, about to steal the contents of the van. This cassette was recorded in 1984 by Lou Giordano at Radiobeat Studios, who of course well known for recording material by such classic bands as SS Decontrol, Jerry’s Kids, Deep Wound, and the Proletariat.

For lack of a better classification, this release can be considered a demo since it was self-released and not widely disseminated. The tracks are quite similar to vinyl offerings but perhaps with an added aggressiveness due to Giordano's production. It would be nice to see the four releases by the Wards compiled officially and released as one LP.