Monday, July 12, 2010


To state that my first release on this new reissue-only label has been a stressful process would be putting it lightly. The process was first delayed by a batch of rejected test pressings that featured superficial pops. They were practically inaudible but I wanted to make sure the album sounded as good as possible so I rejected these. The second batch of test pressings sounded great and were approved.

The second (and much more time consuming) obstacle that surfaced was the company that was responsible for getting the album jackets and printed inner sleeves made went out of business or has at least been put on hold for the time being. When I received word of this I was assuming that the jackets & inner sleeves would be done and ready to go. I had to switch the job over to Imprint and this added the delay that we’re experiencing now.

The album jackets and inner sleeves are being shipped from the printer in Canada to Brooklyn tomorrow (7.12.10) and should be at the pressing plant within a few days. Because of the second predicament regarding the jacket/inner sleeve printing, I made arrangements to have the vinyl pressed up and ready to go before the jackets arrive to minimize any further delays.

I apologize to those who have preordered the record and have been waiting to receive a copy. Occasionally technical problems will occur that are outside of a label’s power regarding production (this is certainly one of those times) and you just have to fix things as quick as possible. Everything is all set now and I foresee no other problems. I will send the preorders the day I get the completed product. This should be late this week or at latest, early next week. Distro orders will be sent promptly after all of the preorders have been mailed. This will be early next week.

Moreover, this will not happen in the future for label preorders. Please understand this situation has been a major case of bad luck and has been resolved. I'm just as eager to get the record as you guys are!

There are still copies of this release that are available for wholesale. A great deal of them have been claimed but, if you’d like to purchase copies for your store or distro please drop me a line at the morethanawitness at for wholesale rates. Many people have written inquiring about trading their releases for this one, but at this time I cannot accept trades. My apologies.