Thursday, August 5, 2010


Many people have been asking me about information regarding the Young Republicans record that I have coming out on the label.

This release will be a co-release with longtime Connecticut hardcore punk label, Incas Records. Incas began in 1982 when Lost Generation needed a means to release their debut single, “Never Work”. Joe Dias (Lost Generation singer) continued the label as a means to release records by notable Connecticut bands and thus document the great local scene on a worldwide level. In more recent years, Incas has been embraced and operated by local punk historian and friend, Joe Snow. He’s been responsible for CD reissues of the classic Connecticut Fun compilation and another assortment of superb early Connecticut punk tracks entitled “Up All Night” which features the Reactors, X Factor (pre CIA, Reflex From Pain, & 76% Uncertain), No Milk On Tuesday, amongst others.

The cover art was illustrated by Jim Martin. Jim drew many timeless flyers for the Anthrax, a local venue that showcased all of the great local and touring bands of the 1980s. Porcell is currently finishing up the artwork and liner notes.

The tracks are going to be sent off to be mastered, lacquered, and plated on Monday morning. I expect to have test pressings for this within a few weeks after that.

I expect to have the record out in mid-September barring no peculiar setbacks. The first pressing will be 1000 copies. There will be an opportunity for buyers to obtain a limited version of the record directly from us. We’re not sure how many of these we are going to do, but we can assure you that it won’t be very many and it’ll be unique enough to warrant a limited edition of a recording being released nearly 30 years after it was originally committed to documentation. This preorder will be announced closer to the release of the record so there will not be any prolonged delays like with the CIA “God Guns Guts & More” LP preorder.

If you run a distro or order for a store, we’d love for you to carry this release. Please contact me for wholesale prices here: morethanawitness at

If you have any other questions about this release that aren't answered here, you can contact me at the above email address.