Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Double O were a band that hailed from Washington DC and featured an ex member of Youth Brigade. After the band split, ex-members worked as Dove and released the track, "Ambivalence" on the "Bouncing Babies" compilation album. Double O served as a crucial gap between the first generation of harDCore and the second generation Revolution Summer sound. Double O maintained a sound that was both powerful and melodic, somewhat akin to Faith and later on, Swiz. Double O released a self titled EP on Dischord/R&B. I always found it strange that this group was not included on the "20 Years of Dischord" box set retrospective.

This soundboard recording maintains an excellent sound. The mix is a good and the levels are just right. My recording was taken from a low generation cassette. Perhaps the band did not have the technical ability of harDCore stalwarts Minor Threat and the Bad Brains, but they made up for it with energetic and engaging performances. The set on this recording documents this.



  1. dove came after double o and had more of a thrash metal sound.

  2. thanks for posting this man. a little bit of correction- the guy above me is right, double o recorded the ep and two demos, which basically had the same songs on them, and "the end", which came out on a tape comp with die kreuzen i think, cant remember the name of it. after double o disbanded, they went under the name e.n.b. (eric's new band) as that was the singer's name. this band became dove, they won some grant to use a good recording studio and recorded the wrecking ball lp that was booted by lost and found in the mid 90s. i think it was recorded in late 84/early 85. double o was not included on the dischord box set b/c it was a split release between r & b Records (whoch was rich and bert(who was in youth brigade, double o, second wind) records) and dischord. none of these split releases, like the reptile house ep, were ever really considered official dischord releases, so that is why they didnt make the box set cut. the guy that ran GTA records got in touch with eric about fifteen years ago to re release all this shit, and he wasnt interested. unfortunatley, none of these dc people really care about releasing the old shit, like the sammich records catalog, etc.

  3. Thanks for the correction. I appreciate your information. I will update the paragraph to include the more accurate details. The name of the tape compilation was "CHARRED REMAINS" (Noise/Version Sound, 1981). It also featured Husker Du, Void, Violent Apathy, Articles of Faith, Rebel Truth, etc

    I always suspected that was the reason why those tracks were not included on the box. It's a shame because the inclusion of a Double O track probably would have been more enjoyable than a High Back Chairs or Autoclave track. Haha.