Thursday, October 22, 2009


I have to say, at the end of the day, Ignition are my favorite harDCore band. Ignition's lyrics and music were both very moving and interesting to an era of DC music filled with absolute garbage. While I'd heard Ignition on an early mix tape I received from an older friend sometime in 1995 I didn't buy their CD discography until later on sometime at the end of 1997, but I found Ignition musically, aesthetically, and lyrically very interesting.

This show comes from their European tour in 1987. I have no idea what the venue is, but I am curious to find out. The recording is very noisy and dirty, which blended with their more melodic musical style makes for an interesting audience recording.

Track list:
1. Consequence
2. Anxiety Asking
3. Cancellation
4. So Moving
5. Proven Hollow
6. Rebuilding
7. Buy and Sell
8. Previous
9. Temporary
10. Sinker
11. Anger Means
12. Throttle
13. Non Verbum
14. I Got a Right



  1. Part of me agrees with you about the DC scene of 1987 being absolute garbage, but part of me is hesitant to. Ignition is a fine band and were a great band of that era, but so were the Vile Cherubs, Unrest, Pussy Galore and others.

  2. The venue is AJZ.

  3. Hi,

    if been long-time shitworker at AJZ-Bielefeld.

    Here you can find out a bit about the place:

  4. Yep, this must be in AJZ where most touring HC/punk bands were playing in Bielefeld.
    I did a show for Ignition in Belgium at that time: