Friday, November 13, 2009


My first taste of the Crucifucks came when I received a dubbed copy of their debut album on Alternative Tentacles from my friend's older brother. I had previously seen the band's name in mailorder catalogs prematurely considered the band a favorite based on their monicker. The quality of this cassette suffered from multi-generational hiss (due to the fact that it had been dubbed and redubbed for fledging punkers such as myself) and had many near death experiences in my tape deck from being eaten.

Regardless of these significant sonic impairments, I could easily understand that Doc Corbin Dart was a brainchild. His vocals are simply unreasonable and defy any logical comparisons due to their shrill quality. I suppose one could say that Doc Corbin Dart sounded like Jello Biafra raised to the tenth power or even at times, Roger Rabbit. These days, Doc Corbin Dart has legally changed his name to "26" and has totally renounced this debut album and the concept of swearing.

Without further delay, here is the first Crucifucks demo tape. This was recorded in Lansing, Michigan in 1982. This demo was recorded approximately a year and a half before the debut album was released. "Leave Me Alone" was not recorded for the first album and is only featured on this demo tape.

Track list:
1. Democracy Spawns Bad Taste
2. Go Bankrupt and Die
3. Legal Genocide
4. You Give Me the Creeps
5. Marching For Trash
6. Cops For Fertilizer
7. I Am the Establishment
8. Leave Me Alone
9. No One Can Make Me Play Along With All Of This
10. Hinckley Had a Vision



  1. I met the Crucifucks in the Welcome to 1984 comp. VA and their sound quickly caught my attention. They had that air of MIDWEST marked, but with a touch of MDC era MDC LP very cool.
    In the WT1984 is very different to hear Crucifucks and N.O.T.E, although both are U.S.. A different case with Sweden, for example, where gangs have a certain similarity (as they say in the MRR: "tradition") in style (I think).

  2. This was, for me, a spectacular find. I love these guys and my tapes for them recorded from friends were a constant in any tape deck i had. I have an "off the board" tape of them at CBGB's here somewhere if you're interested.

  3. they were a truly an amazing band, they never got as much credit as they deserved-after they broke up I had the pleasure (my pleasure, his annoyance) to live with the guitarist Gus in Jersey City. He's one of the most decent people i've ever met. And an amazing guitarist to boot.

  4. Our arts group at Central Michigan University, the Electric Fish Warriors, hosted these guys once. They were really weird, the singer deliberately vomiting by sticking his finger down his throat. OK performance, but idiots to deal with.

  5. ...oh, and the Mt. Pleasant MI gig was circa 1983 or 1984, I have a soundboard tape of it.

  6. I'd love to hear that recording. Please email me at the address listed.