Monday, December 28, 2009


This is certainly not the cleanest Minor Threat live recording in trading circulation. This recording is audience sourced and the sound quality is considerably distorted. The recording is guitar heavy and it can be safely assumed the taper wear right near the guitar rig. Because this site is motivated to archive all known live recordings by influential bands such as Minor Threat, this show is available here for both listening pleasure and for historical purposes.

The biggest draw to this otherwise tough listen is that this recording features an unreleased song entitled "You Betrayed Me By Growing Up". This track has not been released in any form probably due to the fact that it was never officially recorded. It's unfortunate this wasn't cut at Inner Ear because it seems to be a song with considerable promise even though it's likely this is a working version. Faith, Iron Cross, and DOA also played this show.

I've seen this listed as a video on trade lists over the years but never obtained a copy. If anyone has this or any information on a video recording in circulation, please send me an email.

Track list:

1. Look Back and Laugh (instrumental)
2. You Betrayed Me By Growing Up (unreleased song)
3. Seeing Red
4. Little Friend
5. Straight Edge
6. No Reason
7. Out Of Step
8. It Follows
9. Asshole Dub
10. Steppin' Stone
11. Filler
12. Bottled Violence
13. Minor Threat
14. Sob Story
15. 12XU


  1. Thanks so much for posting this. Punk had very few venues at the time... so we started to put them on at my highschool. This was the first show I put on at Woodlawn with Minor Threat & DOA. My principal made us get insurance. I was 16 at the time so Ian had to sign the insurance papers. Iron Cros, Faith also played... everyone played gratis,... except DOA. In those days you invited one dischord band and about 4 showed up to play for free. Ian thanks me for putting on the show in the begining of track #13, something nice like... "we should thank the guy Jimmy for putting this on... at least he tried....." epic words. Epic times. Epic memories.

  2. thanks BIG TIME for posting this. I am on a massive hunt for Minor Threat and Black Flag live shows, this is awesome. have a great new years!

  3. Thanks for posting this. I was wondering for a while now, what that unreleased song would sound like.

  4. Thanks loads. It's interesting to note that this song shares verses with BETRAY. Interesting piece of hardcore history here.

    - Robert

  5. it appears to be a working version of "Betray". This song is different enough though from "Betray" that I think it can be considered a bona fide unreleased track. It's a shame that this recording isn't a little clearer. Minor Threat soundboard tapes are plentiful considering the genre and time period.

  6. You guys just saved my day! Thanks for posting this for I'm still stucked in the past.
    I won't grow up...

  7. fuck yeah....greetings from mexico city

    X X X

  8. thanks so much for posting it!!

  9. jcohrssen said...
    Funny, I was going to comment that some people I knew went to this show and I see one posted his memories of the show. I recall that you and Bob Davis went to the show.