Monday, December 14, 2009


With the genre of hardcore recently celebrating it’s 30-year birthday, the genre’s back catalog is nearly hemorrhaging with classic output. There is certainly still a wealth of timeless material that has not been officially reissued that should be available. Considering that hardcore punk has truly become a genre fixated on it’s own history and that the reissue market is prosperous, it’s time that I get in on that action. Many other contemporary labels have done a fantastic job of reissuing classic records and these labels have served as an influence.

Thus, More Than a Witness Product (clearly a tribute to one of my all-time favorite labels, Fast Product) is born. I suppose it’s only natural that a blog that serves to archive unreleased material would eventually start reissuing classic, out of print hardcore punk records. The aims of the label are to release quality products and ensure that the bands are properly compensated for their material.

The first release will consist of an expanded version of the classic “God Guns Guts” 7” EP by CIA. Not only is this one of my all-time favorite hardcore single, but also I think it’s simply one of the best hardcore punk releases to come out of the early 1980s. These guys are personal friends of mine and I’ve been working closely with them on reissuing this classic EP as an LP with a ton of fantastic unreleased material from the original 7” session along with choice demo and live material. Considering that the original pressing of the 7” is topping out at nearly $300 and consistently selling for at least $250, this reissue should do well.

To answer the emails I've already received, there will be a limited edition mailorder only version you can get from me.

CIA, after releasing one single (and an LP with a radically different lineup) went on to morph into the great 76% Uncertain. They released several great records that you should acquire if you don’t have them already.

I am currently in contact with a few other bands about potential reissues. More news as things become finalized.


  1. The C.I.A. seven-inch is one of my two favorite CT HC 7"-ers of all time. This is big news...

  2. This is great, great news! Aside from the Cro-Magnon LP, this is my favorite record to ever be birthed out of the state of Connecticut.

  3. I WILL BUT IT!!!!

  4. Put me down for one. Too bad the CIA album was such a bummer; they had a great set of songs as a three-piece and really ripped it up, but you'd never know from the album.