Friday, March 5, 2010


When my family moved to the shore, before I even got into hardcore, one of the first independent bands I heard about was Ripping Corpse. In eighth grade, a few friends who would eventually turn me onto hardcore played me some of their material and I dug it a lot. Their demos and "Dreaming With The Dead" LP are classic metal/hardcore that has become legendary in the underground music community.

The recording quality is that of an above average soundboard tape. The mix is a tad treble laden but overall the sound is excellent. The echo can be a bit distracting at times but it also adds to the power of this recording. This show was sent to me labelled "Buffalo, New York 1990." Does anyone have leads for a venue or more specific date?

1. Glorious Depravity
2. Dreaming With The Dead
3. Anti-God
4. Sadomasochism From The Grave
5. Wounds
6. Beyond Humanity
7. Chugging Pus
8. Sweetness
9. Rift Of Hate
10. Exhumation Days
11. Through The Skin To The Soul
12. Seduction Of The Innocent
13. Sickness of Will


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  1. I saw Ripping Corpse in Buffalo in 93' ...I was under the impression that was the first time they played there, but I could be wrong. I'm not familiar enough with their material to be able to pinpoint an era. I dug up the flyer and it was 4/14/93