Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Crisis is perhaps most well known for what they accomplished after the band had concluded. Douglas Pierce and Tony Wakeford went on to form Death in June (The DIJ track "All Alone In Her Nirvana" began life as a Crisis tune), known for their highly influential and genre-defining apocalyptic brand of gothic folk. Wakeford would form the significant neofolk group Sol Invictus after he split from Death in June. Luke Rendall went on to play drums in the Mick Jones produced post punk group Theatre of Hate shortly after Crisis broke up.

Despite the influential stature of Death in June (and to a lesser extent Theatre of Hate), the output of Crisis should not be underestimated. They released several phenomenal singles ("No Town Hall", “UK 79”, and "Alienation") and a 12” EP entitled “Hymns of Faith” which utilized both buzzsaw picking and singular note guitar lines and featured lyrics about television, violence, and totalitarian Russia. The total output of the group highlights an insistent yet inimitable interpretation of what punk meant to them during the turn of the decade. The tracks featured a remarkable rhythmic emphasis with political lyrics that were profound yet nearly ever trite. Crisis was defined by a platform that was fervidly anti-fascist and consistently performed at Rock Against Racism, Anti-Nazi League, and Right To Work political rallies. This showing inspired UK music magazine Sounds to refer to the output of Crisis as “music to march to”. Paradoxically, the later output of Pierce and Wakeford while performing in Death in June would rely heavily on Nazi imagery.

This recording is audience sourced and suffers from some slight generational loss. I can determine this recording is low generation but it is by no means a flawless audience recording. What is essential to consider is the scarcity of a recording such as this and the presence of "SPG", an unreleased Crisis track. This live snapshot of Crisis is quite enjoyable to listen considering the paucity of other live recordings by them in circulation.

If anyone has more specific information regarding the date of this show, please contact me via the email address listed on this archive.

On a related note, "Hymns of Faith" has just been officially reissued on vinyl by English label La Vida es un Mus. To order this release or for more information, check this link: http://www.lavidaesunmus.com/

Track listing:

1. Holocaust
2. Afraid
3. Laughing
4. On TV
5. White Youth
6. Red Brigade
7. All Alone In Her Nirvana
8. Alienation
9. SPG
10. UK '78

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