Friday, April 22, 2011


For those who are not familiar with Mecht Mensch, they were purveyors of killer Midwest style hardcore in the same vein as Die Kruezen and other bands that pushed paint by numbers style thrash into the domain of the uniquely psychotic. Their debut 5 song 7" EP "Acceptance" is a true testament to dissonant hardcore. This classic EP is reminiscent of the aforementioned Die Kruezen or perhaps No Trend after some really cheap speed. One of the best all-time Midwest hardcore EPs. This 7" was recorded by Butch Vig who'd later go on to produce Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins.

I'm incredibly excited to officially announce that my fourth release will be a Mecht Mensch discography LP. This release will include the absolutely classic "Acceptance" 7" EP from '83 as well as the tracks from the Tar Babies split cassette from '82 as well as other solid unreleased material. This release will feature a beautiful gatefold jacket with tons of great photos, liner notes, and other relevant art & ephemera. This release has been in the making for nearly 10 years but things are now things in perfect alignment and this should be out before summer.

If anyone reading this has any flyers, photos, or any anything cool relating to Mecht Mensch, drop me a line at the email listed here on the blog because I'd love to use this stuff for the release.



  2. "Government Lies" is one of my absolute favorite hardcore songs EVER

  3. Hi,

    Congrats for the great MECHT MENSCH release you're going to do soon...

    This band was one of the best and wildest from USA in the early 80's such as BUM KON or THE WORST were !!!

    What's about their 8 songs 1982 demo tape + their songs featuring on MASTER TAPE VOL. 2 double LP's COMP. ?

    Please give more details about their unreleased materials you mentioned in your post, I'm myself exited a lot...


  4. Yeah make sure all releases are truly complete. Just make it a double LP if required. I know single LP is more sleek but its more important to get all the jams. All demos, live, comps, releases, anything. Plus all original artwork and any related artwork, and flyers etc..

  5. cultural achievement of the year!

  6. hey. The very first drummer of MM was Mike Z-he later drummed for the noise band DEMO MOE in NYC. This was 86-89. If you've never heard them-gtr/bass/drums in a very screechy free-form-they were realy wild! Anyway, Mecht Mensch were cool. What about the Clitboys?

  7. I've got a tape of Mecht Mensch with Tar Babies in '82 straight from the person that taped it. It seemed like a stunning find when I discovered it. Feel free to contact me at henry at chunklet dot com

  8. Not taking preorders at this time. I will post ordering information when it's ready. Thanks for taking interest.