Thursday, February 25, 2010


Out of the multitude of hardcore groups that performed around Los Angeles in the early 1980s, Bad Religion may be the last band you'd ever select for everlasting fame. The band was marked by frequent personnel changes and quality-fluctuating performances. Then high school senior, Greg Graffin, imitated the inceptive Brit-isms of other Orange County groups such as Agent Orange, The Crowd, and the Adolescents with neither the same pop craft or hardcore vitriol. "How Could Hell Be Any Worse" in hindsight is regarded as an Los Angeles hardcore classic but doesn't deviate from the then norm of the relentless polka beat that seemed to fade into the background of ten-band hardcore shows of the period.

Bad Religion released "Into the Unknown" and still regarded as the ultimate LA hardcore embarrassment. How is a teenage kid with chain-laden motorcycle boots supposed to get into a Rush modeled, synth-heavy platter anyway? After this release caused the band to demobilize for a few years, they returned stronger than ever. The mid-1980s saw the birth of the band's strongest period of albums: "Suffer", "No Control", & "Against The Grain". As all of the first-wave and second-wave LA hardcore punk groups broke up, Bad Religion was really starting to get their bearings.

This short 26 minute, 9 song recording boast soundboard quality. This is a respectable live document of the first incarnation of the band and and also a fun listen. Enjoy!

Track list:

1. Latch Key Kids
2. Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell
3. Slaves
4. Pity
5. New Leaf
6. Doing Time
7. Bad Religion & Politics
8. Damned To Be Free
9. Faith In God



  1. It's a bit unfair to characterize "How Could Hell..." as a classic "only in hindsight". Bad Religion became arguably the most popular and sought after band in the LA area after the release of that record. It was one of those rare albums that literally everyone you knew had, including many non-punk types, not because it was trendy to have but because it was actually really good and original for it's time. It absolutely stood out from the din of mediocre hardcore bands kicking around at the time. Still one of my all time faves.

    That being said, I have five or so songs which were recorded for a friend's public access TV show, "The Punk Show" (I ran one of the cameras), in Long Beach not too long before the release of Suffer. If you want 'em for the site, lemme know.

  2. More popular and sought after than the mighty Flag?! Don't get me wrong here, I truly enjoy early Bad Religion.

    Yes! I'd love to get that footage that you're talking about. Drop me a line at the email listed on this page and we'll work something out. Thanks!