Saturday, February 27, 2010


Here is the fourth installment of the WNYU radio show "Life After Death" to be uploaded to this archive. This is from is a recent batch of classic New York hardcore radio shows from 1982-83 that was sent to me for digitizing for purposes of being archived here. This tape is an amalgam of two different broadcasts and came to me on one cassette tape. It's likely that these two broadcasts are sequential in when they first were transmitted. The track list below represents the full songs that were featured on the cassette I received.

The centerpiece of this cassette is indubitably the interview segment with Bobby Steele of the Undead. He's fresh out of the hospital and dying to drink. Steele comes off as a real wreck with his seemingly careless on-air demeanor. He also expresses his frustration with the local scene and the lack of support for new bands. Janner's on-air personality combined with Steele derelict nature make for one of the most awkward interviews I've ever heard.
Thanks to Greg Fasolino for supplying this recording.

Track list:

Polemic Attack: Manipulated Youth
One Way System: Just Another Hero
Crass: Rival Tribal Rebel Revel
Mourning Noise: Fighting Chance
Angelic Upstarts: Last Night Another Soldier
The Deformed: Police Brutality
The Undead: Interview/A.M. Pain
The Lewd: Polluted Brain
Skrewdriver: Back With a Bang
Angry Somoans: Right Side Of My Mind
The Stimulators: I Got a Right
Lama: Tanaan Kotona
Code of Honor: And We Fight


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