Saturday, February 20, 2010


This cassette is the first of numerous classic New York hardcore radio shows that I will be archiving. Not only do I truly enjoy listening to these broadcasts, but also I take pleasure in making these permanently available here on this archive. These classic radio shows are excellent snapshots of the various scenes as they were happening.

Greg Fasolino provided all of these cassettes from his collection. He originally recorded these radio shows as they were first broadcast on WNYU-FM. Without Greg hanging onto these cassettes for nearly 30 years, these broadcasts would perhaps be lost forever. More Than a Witness salutes you, Greg.

“Life After Death” was a weekly hardcore punk radio show hosted by Hal Jannen. “Life After Death” was the successor to Tim Sommer’s excellent “Noise The Show” on WNYU-FM. Jannen’s radio show was originally known as “Hal The Show” as a nod to Sommer’s show. It was renamed to “Life After Death” via an on-air contest.

This posts represents 2 different original broadcasts. The exact date of either original broadcast is unknown but the cassette says they’re both from 1982. Both broadcasts are incomplete because not every song was recorded. Either the original taper didn’t include every track because he already had the records of the songs being broadcasted or he simply didn’t care to include the tracks omitted due to taste.

These 2 broadcasts are worthy of note because they feature demo tracks from Heart Attack and Die Kreuzen. There is also a brief appearance from Dave of Reagan Youth and Adam of the Young and the Useless plugging a show they were playing that night at the Mudd Club.

Track list:
Crass: Asylum
Germs: No God
Heart Attack: From What I See (demo)
Die Kreuzen: Pain (demo)
Zero Boys: Drug Free Youth
False Prophets: Good Clean Fun
Discharge: Blood Runs Red
SS Decontrol: Boiling Point
Angry Somoans: Get Off The Air
999: Nasty Nasty
Crass: Systematic Death
Misguided: Doomsday
Notsensibles: I’m In Love With Margaret Thatcher
Nig Heist: Walking Down the Street
Skrewdriver: Anti Social
Dirt: Democracy
Interview with Dave Insurgent (Reagan Youth) & Adam Trese (Young and the Useless)


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