Saturday, February 20, 2010


Here is the second tape of "Life After Death" that has been culled from the large stash I recently received for the purpose of archiving here. Again, these tapes are truly a fun listen and almost bring you back to the period when they were originally recorded. The upcoming show announcements are simply jaw-dropping.

The track listing is heavy on the English hardcore punk of the time which is personally much less interesting than the New York hardcore records that were coming out then. I suppose labels like No Future and Riot City could actually afford to send promotional copies for airplay, as where the local upstart labels could not.

This posts represents 2 different original broadcasts. The exact date of either original broadcast is unknown but the cassette says they’re both from 1982. Both broadcasts are incomplete because not every song was recorded. Either the original taper didn’t include every track because he already had the records of the songs being broadcasted or he simply didn’t care to include the tracks omitted due to taste.

Thanks to Greg Fasolino for supplying this recording.

Track list:
The Maniacs: Chelsea '77
Crass: Have a Nice Day
UK Subs: Plan Of Action
Crass: You Can Be Who?
The Expelled: Blown Away
Descendents: I Wanna Be a Bear
Crass: Big A Little A
The Wall: Ghetto
GBH: Time bomb
The Abused: Drug Free Youth
Legionaire's Disease: Rather See You Dead Than With Wool On Your Head
Infa Riot: Emergency
The Dark: John Wayne
The Fits: Straps
Dead Boys: Sonic Reducer


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