Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Shortly after Midwest thrash had assigned itself to it's own secluded ghetto, where it would knowingly decide not to challenge the musical aesthetics of other genres, a new type of punk ascended from it's rigid cadaver. Naked Raygun (along with other Midwest imaginative heavyweights like Husker Du, the Replacements, Big Black, and Killdozer) were one of the most promising and fresh groups to emerge from the monotony. Naked Raygun’s magical powers were that they expanded the parameters of what many thought hardcore punk was. Moreover, they abandoned the ensnarements of tuneless thrash while producing punk rock that was strong enough to maybe even be taken into consider by the mainstream music critics. Even if this was never actually achieved, they helped push punk forward by giving adventurous people without mohawks something to take pleasure in.

This recording represents an enjoyable audience recording captured during the summer of '84. This performance is heavy with tracks from "Basement Screams" which were dropped a short time later. When comparing this set list with Naked Raygun live tapes I have from only a year or so later, virtually all of these tracks faded out of their live set.

This performance was originally taped by the gentleman who runs the excellent Oxide Flake website. He does something quite similar to this site in documenting many shows that he originally taped in Kansas and Missouri. This site can be viewed here: http://mrfink.com/oxideflake/

Track list:

1. Knock Me Down
2. I Don’t Know
3. Home Of The Brave
4. Mofo
5 .Stupid
6. No Sex
7. Surf Combat
8. Metastasis
9. Gear
10. The Strip
11. Bomb Shelter
12. Tojo
13. Swingo
14. Only In America
15. Managua
16. Rat Patrol
17. Potential Rapist
18. Dog At Large
19. New Dreams (cut)


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