Monday, March 8, 2010


TSOL exploded out of Long Beach, California in 1978 to develop into one of Southern California’s leading hardcore outfits. Forming from the remains of Johnny Coathanger and the Abortions and Vicious Circle, the original lineup of TSOL were purveyors of political proto-hardcore that bristled with exhilaration. It’s extraordinary to consider how many name changes that Jack Grisham has had in his musical career; Jack Greggors, Alex Morgan, Jack Ladoga, Jim Woo and James DeLauge have all graced the sleeves of TSOL releases. With no less than 5 different stage names, you begin to wonder if he’s a fugitive evading the lawman.

These four demo tracks are outstanding. The sound quality is outstanding. These tracks are in the vein of the first 12” on Posh Boy; the tracks being simultaneously forceful and melodious with a genuine political edge. This demo recording was previously bootlegged onto vinyl in 1994 as the “1980 Demo” 7”. Supposedly 500 copies were pressed but one can never be sure of such information.

Track list:

1. 80 Times
2. Superficial Love
3. You Don't Have To Die
4. Silent Majority



  1. Great sound quality, all things considered! You're doing everyone such a great service, I, for one, appreciate you and what you do!!! Thanks so much!!! Keep smilin'!!!

  2. I think he WAS a fugitive as he fled to Alaska at one point, not from the law but from death threats, between Vicious Circle and TSOL

  3. Another great demo, rip quality and writing.

  4. Great! Wanted to see all those names good that one stuck in the present now but maybe he should have stayed
    Got oxide flake in my favorites now..Hanx!

  5. TSOL tried at one point to morph into more of an 80's metal band with uneven results.