Wednesday, July 22, 2009


For all intents and purposes, Black Flag was the first American hardcore group to exist. Emerging from a Southern Californian beach community, they gained international notoriety through incessant touring and undoubtedly shaped local scenes wherever they played. The emergence of their own record label definitively influenced the means by which independent artists could release their own material and thus the greater scope of American punk rock. Perhaps stating this is palpable and overt at this point. Regardless, the influence of Black Flag should never be understated.

This recording consists of a good soundboard recording featuring Dez Cadena on vocals. Perhaps Dez had the least prowess as a front man considering the efforts of Keith Morris and Henry Rollins, but nonetheless Dez shines on this tape. This one starts with a sarcastic thank you to the Pittsburg police department and promptly erupts into a vehemence of magnificence. The Flag tears through 28 songs with fierce tenacity. The recording is an excellent soundboard with some nice rough characteristics. There is a slight cut during “Revenge.” I believe this is on the original master because I’ve yet to hear a version that is complete.

This is the first of many Black Flag tapes that will be featured on this site.



  1. Holy shit and thank you. The former for the site in general and the latter for this particular file. This website is like all those old tape trading lists I would see years ago. But this time, I get to attain the things I want!

  2. "This is the first of many Black Flag tapes that will be featured on this site."

    I like the sound of that. Any Chavo era?

  3. Sadly enough, there aren't really in circulation. Clearly the band was professionally recorded for the Decline film, but these soundboard tapes have never leaked. There are a bunch of Cadena shows and tons of Rollins shows. I will be happy to post these as the site progresses.

    The strange is that there a few Morris shows in existence. The infamous Pollywog Park gig has been in circulation for years. The band was pelted with sandwiches and fruit. Supposedly Dukowski collected all the sandwiches for later consumption because of how poor he was.

    Thanks for checking out my blog.

  4. Was this at the Banana? It is before my time but I'm pretty sure it is at the Decade.

  5. I was at the show at the Banana. This ain't it.

  6. Are you gonna post more Flag?

  7. Out of the 2 dozen or so tapes I've already grabbed from your site, this is the only one that won't download correctly. Help...