Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We are still talking about the Dead Boys in 2009 for legitimate reasons. As transplants, in New York they outpunked everyone on the Bowery circuit with all the obligatory violence, nihilism, masochism, and vulgarity found in the UK at the time, but to more of an extreme.

This show captures these cretins just after they returned from Florida after losing their minds recording their follow up effort with Felix Pappalardi. The whole scheme seemed weird from the launch, as Pappalardi was an esteemed figure in the dinosaur rock movement they were trying to dismantle: he had previously been in Mountain and produced Cream. The result was an album that had slightly less superior songs due to the typical second album drought and weak production. The record’s best track is probably “Ain’t It Fun” because Peter Laughner was partially responsible for it.

The sound and performance on this cassette is excellent throughout. It features a strong soundboard recording boasting a mix that is clean enough to satisfy auralists and aggressive enough to still deliver some vitriol. “Caught With the Meat In Your Mouth” is sardonically dedicated to Mama Cass Elliot and “Tell Me” is introduced as being “written by a bunch of junkies”. It’s this type of attitude that makes this show great and the Dead Boys outstanding when considering the overall canon of punk bands emerging from the late 1970s scene. Download this one and you won’t be sorry.




  1. Tim Napalm, Phoenix, AZNovember 12, 2009 at 3:43 PM

    What you have here, if you notice the date and the shout-outs Stiv gives to "Georgie Harrison," is not actually THE Dead Boys. It's basically a tour date for Stiv's solo LP on Bomp!, DISCONNECTED, with only Stiv. Jimmy Zero, and Johnny Blitz carrying over from The Dead Boys. The Bomp! LP's Georgie Harrison (aka Frank Secich) is on lead guitar, and I'm not sure who the bassist is. Hence the mix of Dead Boys classics and DISCONNECTED cuts in the set list. That does not make this tape any less of a treasure, however. Good one, Chris! Thanks!

  2. Actually, Frank Secich was the bass player.Georgie was some kid from Akron they hired.

  3. Many thanks for this. I was wondering about the line up, and the inclusion of songs from Disconnected, but the post above from Tim Naplam seems to confirm it's not the actual DB's, although still slightly confusing as the DJ refers to them as the 'Dead Boys'.

    Really like the layout of the blog...makes me nostalgic for the days of cassette tapes.



  4. deadboys or stiv solo - its still gonna kick some ass! thanks mate