Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today’s post consists of the second installment of “Noise the Show” from my tape collection. As previously noted, when I received the original stash of these old episodes they featured no information regarding broadcast dates. Your guess is as good as mine regarding the exact dates. Regardless, based on the overt chronology of when these records were released, one can deduce that this specific broadcast didn’t happen before late ’82 or perhaps very early ’83. Because of the lack of any date information, I will refer to this cassette as tape two because it’s the second one that I received.

This episode features tracks by Blitzkrieg, Bad Religion, Lama, Discharge, Uk Subs, Puncture, Adrenaline OD, Attila the Stockbroker, Misguided, Circle Jerks, the Notsensibles, and the Lurkers.

Maybe you’ll foam at the mouth in excitement when DJ Tim Sommer mentions the free tickets to the Scream/Heart Attack show at the Peppermint Lounge just like I did…



  1. It's incredible how much better these rips sound than a lot of the band's "remastered" CD discographies!

  2. More Noise The Show's!!!

  3. I can look up the exact dates of these shows for you---I have tapes of almost all the 1982 shows, dated...
    BTW this would be 1982, not '83, because Tim was (unfairly) sacked in June 1982 and the show ended, replaced by "Life After Death."

  4. Please email me. I would love the exact dates. I would also love to obtain any Noise broadcasts that I do not have already.

  5. Got this one too...

    It is Noise the Show #43, airdate April 21, 1982.

  6. I imagine you'll have better sources chiming in but, Motorhead's "brand new" album Iron Fist was released in April '82 so maybe Summer of 82?

    anyways just wanted to say great job and GREAT concept. I was just thinking that this portion of punk/hc was fluttering out of everyone's attention and I absolutely LOVE the radio broadcasts/live stuff almost as much as the records. Would be cool to do a selective contemporary version too.

    anyhow keep up the good work!

    -Jonah from Toronto

  7. I have a misfits bootleg that has an interview with glenn and jerry on nts.

  8. ok this is officially ridiculously awesome!
    100x thanx