Thursday, July 9, 2009


This show was recorded as the band was writing for the "Out Of Step" 12". This soundboard recording is almost as good as it gets. The band is tight, focused, and powerful despite having to play on a overcrowded Irving Plaza stage packed with rowdy New York punks. It's arguable that this recording could even warrant an official release because of it's excellence, even if the band takes way too much time between their songs.

It seems as if tensions between DC and New York punks were legitimate. Ian Mackaye delivers some snide stage banter about how inebriated certain crowd members are and mockingly refers to Harley Flannegan as a "rock star" and dedicates an impromptu dub cover of Government Issue's "Asshole" in his honor. The ignorance of late adolescence also prevails when Mackaye debases a female crowd member in a.... somewhat derogatory manner. Mackaye plays sardonic sideshow man between numbers and is pretty hilarious throughout the entire performance.

Springa of SSD seems to be the king of the pigpile since his backup vocals are so prominent throughout the whole set.

Overall, a spectacular document of the hardcore era. Listening to it makes you feel like you were there.

Track list:

1. Straight Edge
2. Seeing Red
3. Little Friend
4. Filler
5. Small Man Big Mouth
6. No Reason
7. Minor Threat
8. Stand Up
9. 12XU (Wire)
10. Bottled Violence
11. Out of Step
12. Asshole Dub
13. Screaming at a Wall
14. Guilty of Being White
15. Stepping Stone
16. In My Eyes



  1. This is an Amazing sounding soundboard!!!! The in between song banter is mind blowing! 12XU Get Off The Fuckin' Stage!!

    01 Straight Edge
    02 Seeing Red
    03 Little Friend
    04 Filler
    05 Small Man, Big Mouth
    06 No Reason
    07 Minor Threat
    08 Stand Up
    09 12XU
    10 Bottled Violence
    11 Out Of Step
    12 Asshole Dub
    13 Screaming At A Wall
    14 Guilty Of Being White
    15 Steppin' Stone
    16 In My Eyes

  2. The best part about this is the palpable tension between songs. The gang-rape comment is prettttty uncomfortable, though.


  3. Mind blowing. Not sure what's better, the full-throttle performances or the between song human punk rock comedy. The gang rape comment and over-all aggressive Ian behavior is pretty wild considering 6 years later he was singing "Why can't I walk down the street free of suggestion" and admonishing slam dancers.

  4. the quality of this set and the intensity of the band is incredible. this blew me away. thanks.

  5. This live recording gave me goose bumps, and my nipples got all hard tingly!

  6. Just listened to this set again, just flawless.