Thursday, July 9, 2009


There is something that I will never comprehend about the Negative Approach "Total Recall" career spanning discography. Since Touch and Go released the anthology and clearly worked closely with the band members, it makes no sense to me why all of the live tracks featured toward the back of the disc sound like total garbage. Considering there have been at least 4-5 decent to excellent live soundboard recordings circulating in trading circles for decades, and the fact that the band was clearly privy to even better live recordings since they played in the band, there's no reason why the band's retrospective CD should feature such inferior selections.

This Mudd Club soundboard tape is pretty enjoyable. It's also a recording of note because it's a considerably less circulated item too. One small detraction is that the guitar isn't prominent enough in the soundboard mix during the first few songs. Regardless, after hearing John Brannon oscillate from sounding like a well adjusted young man to a caged tiger in less than five seconds: ("Hi, we're Negative Approach.... CAN'T TELL NO ONE"), little else matters anyway.

Much more great Negative Approach stuff will be archived on this site in the future. Please stay tuned.

Track listing:

1. Can't Tell No One
2. Friend Or Foe
3. Live Your Life
4. Pressure
5. Fair Warning
6. Sick of Talk
7. Whatever I Do
8. Chaos (4 Skins)
9. Said and Done
10. Ready to Fight
11. Lost Cause
12. Why Be Something That You're Not?
13. Genocide (partI)
14. Genocide (part II)
15. Nothing
16. Never Surrender (Blitz)
17. Negative Approach



  1. I like those live tracks...granted, I prefer the studio versions...but that hissy uneven overmodulated sound immediatly brings to mind a particular period of time when EVERYTHING was "recorded" on crappy boom boxes.

  2. awesome post. tracks 13 and 14 are one song split into two tracks. its called genocide for i tunes nerds like myself.

  3. Wow, i'm looking forward to hearing this. The Total Recall CD was so poorly done, even the studio recordings sounded weak, it's sad. A band like this deserves better. Thanks for the excellent posts so far. I have a feeling this blog will become a favorite real quick.


  4. Thanks Vin. I've been a fan of your blog for awhile now!

  5. That's awesome, thanks. I just linked your blog to mine.

  6. someone have a tracklist for this, don't feel like browsing through the tracks