Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The Clitboys hailed from Milwaukee and are perhaps best known for being name checked as one of Bambi's favorite bands in the Meatmen track "Punker-ama" on their "War of the Superbikes" album. The hilarious song implies that the Clitboys (along with MDC and Crucifix) were a stiff hardcore group that sung about stale political issues of the day. Perhaps they weren't Chomskyan in their ideological approach, but they tackled some issues that were unique ("Gays OK", "Slogan Boy") considering the punk-jock climate of 1983. Regardless, I always have enjoyed their "We Don't Play the Game" 7" EP on Feedback Records. This was released in 1983 and although many dismiss it as generic stop-and-go Midwest hardcore, it's actually an enjoyable listen.

This 1982 demo is quite similar to their 7" EP. As a matter of fact, the recordings of "Have Faith", "So Funny" and "We Don't Play the Game" were later featured on their debut record. The tracks on this demo are reminiscent of the first JFA 7" but with less prominent vocals. I'm waiting for someone to cut a bootleg LP of several classic Midwest hardcore demos on one LP. This demo would be an excellent fit on such an item.

These 8 tracks on this demo were also available on the "First Strike" compilation cassette released by BCT in 1983.

1. Time for Another War
2. Have Faith
3. I Hate the KKK
4. Apathy Rules
5. So Funny
6. Rat Race
7. Gotta Go to War
8. We Don't Play the Game


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