Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The Reactors are well known in the Killed By Death collecting circles for their painfully rare 45 "I Want Sex". Many of us first became aware of this track after it appeared on "Killed By Death #14". Since nearly any of us can afford one of these illusive wax platters, we are lucky that the Italian label Rave-Up released a great retrospective of nearly everything that the band recorded. I say "nearly" because this collection leaves off three classic rehearsal demos recorded by the band. After that project was compiled, Shep Ginzburg (singer/guitarist) unearthed one more long forgotten tape.

Here are Shep's memories of the session:

"It was recorded in our rehearsal space on 46th and 8th Ave (among the hookers and dope dealers). We miked up everything and ran the wires out into the hallway. I had my friend Tom Lowden mix the band through a pair of headphones, and we recorded it to reel to reel mono, because our console was monophonic. Tom had a very tough time because we played so loud that he couldn't tell what was coming from the headphones and what was just in the hall bleeding from the room".

These tracks were recorded in 1979 after the Reactors made their move from Bridgeport, CT to New York. Sheperd Ginzburg plays guitar and sings, Bob Payes plays bass and Cathy Burke provides drums.

These versions have never been released or have been circulated in any fashion before now.

1. I'm A Reactor
2. Dock Of The Bay (Redding)
3. University Eternity



  1. Thanks for posting these! I have a 45 minute cassette of demos and live Reactors stuff that someone taped for me in '99 before the Rave Up reissue came out, and I think it has a few MORE tracks not on the Rave Up reissue or that you posted here- I will have to dig up the cassette when I get home tonight. I also found a few more unreleased Reactors tracks that I do not think were on the Rave Up reissue- they're on this comp on the CT Incas label that came out in '07 called "Up All Night"- one is a cover of "Summertime Blues" and the other track is called "Die Walking". They're kind of in the same style as the "I Want Sex" 7" but not as godlike. The Incas comp is available on eMusic and I'd post a direct link to it but it looks like your comments prevent weblinks from being pasted... I'll get back to you about the track listing for the Reactors tape I have at home.

  2. OK, I checked the Reactors live/demo cassette that someone taped for me 10+ years ago. It has all the songs that are on the Rave Up reissue but does have a few more not on it- a live version of "Kicks" (that was not included on the reissue LP probably since it's a cover song and that brings up copyright issues); a live version of a song called "Die Walking"; and another live version of "I Like You", a different version of which was on the Rave Up LP. But the cassette I have does definitely not have the 3 studio tracks you posted- thanks again for those, and Happy New Year. When I get around to it, I'll post "Kicks" and the other two unissed live songs to my blog.

  3. Thanks for your digging, dude. I appreciate it. I'm looking forward to hearing these tracks that you have. Also, I love your blog. It's a fantastic collection of KBD and collector scum stuff. Keep up the good work!

    Joe Snow of Incas Records is a guest writer for this blog and wrote the above post.