Monday, September 14, 2009


Referring to Joe Snow as a Connecticut hardcore fixture would probably be putting it pretty lightly. Growing up in Connecticut and attending hardcore shows by the mid 80s, Joe was a mainstay at the Anthrax club photographing all of the classic bands of the era. Many of his photographs can be seen garnishing countless late 80s hardcore records. Once I even heard a story that his wife Sue used to drive Crippled Youth to shows they were playing when they were too young to drive.

In recent years, Joe has revived the classic label Incas Records. Incas was responsible for classic releases throughout the 1980s by bands such as 76% Uncertain, Lost Generation, Vatican Commandoes, CIA, and the Connecticut Fun compilation. In recent years, Incas has re-released the classic Connecticut Fun compilation and a fantastic CD collection titled “Up All Night” that chronicles the first wave of Connecticut punk rock.

Joe has a vast knowledge of hardcore coupled with an impressive collection of unreleased material that has never seen the light of day. Much of this material will be showcased on this site. I am very excited to have Joe as a contributor here at More Than a Witness and am looking forward to what he is going to share on this site.

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